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The other day jordan 13 wheat clearance , after visiting my personal psychic, I was thinking about how she developed the skill of telling my fortune. Perhaps I tend to be a little cynical, not about whether or not this stuff works, but whether you have to be born with this gift of prophecy. I鈥檝e been going to mediums, palmists, card readers, and astrologers for years with very little complaints. Most of the time the readers I have gone to have been very accurate.

While she was looking off into space (that鈥檚 what it seems like sometimes) and began telling me about a business deal I was about to encounter in a few weeks, I wasn鈥檛 listening to what she was saying. Instead I was watching her. Witnessing, as it were, her transformation into a guide leading me down a dark corridor that I wasn鈥檛 able to traverse without her help. Was I helplessly wandering through a vision of her thoughts at my expense? No, I had been there many times, and she was usually 鈥榮pot on鈥? She seemed to have a very clear connection with my future – how was it that I didn鈥檛?

I had already decided years ago that it was possible to know something about the events that are, in a sense, creating the future. So, it hasn鈥檛 been much of stretch for me to accept the foretelling of future events. Many years ago a wise man told me that if you knew where the river was going, you would automatically know where everything floating down the river was going too. It just goes to show you that the future may not be that hard to know. Kinda鈥?like when I turn on the light in the house at night and the dog looks up at the light and probably wonders how I did that.

So what was I going to do about learning if anyone can be a psychic?

Meeting with a number of fortune tellers, card readers, and assorted astrologers, I commenced to ask the burning question, 鈥淲ere you born this way or did you study this skill?鈥?I found that quite a few of the psychics were happy to oblige, some were less than accommodating, and a couple were not interested in my efforts at all.

It was a real shocker for me when it became obvious that not one of them had any relevant information for me. I actually wondered if they had all taken some sort of oath to not give me any information. I was literally amazed at how much time and money I had spent learning nothing!

Something weird occurred one unsolicited email from a long-time friend caught my eye. It was a link to a book, 鈥淵our Personal Guide To Psychic Development鈥? Unanticipated – but very opportune.

I downloaded the ebook version from the store and began reading immediately. This was it! The information that I needed!

At first I skipped Part One because it was a background of the author鈥檚 credentials and expertise. But after a few hours of study I decided to read about Peter I was skeptical in the beginning. After all not one of the psychics I interviewed would tell me anything worthwhile.

There was a lot written about ethics, judgment, motive, external conditions , psychic influence, sensitivity, psychic influence, and even a section called, 鈥淧sychic Development Isn鈥檛 Spiritual Development. Hmm, it was clearly a lot more than I had anticipated. Even a chapter on advice, development of empathy, understanding and communication. For example, he had a 7 step formula (There is a lot of information here so I will just summarize):

1. Pay attention to yourself鈥?br >2. Take time鈥nd clear your mind鈥?br >3. Speak softly and project peace
4. Keep your body and your surroundings clean
5. 鈥o not judge others鈥?br >6. Visualize鈥on鈥檛 force it or create it鈥?br >7. Don鈥檛 look for results, let the results happen

So where was the 鈥淗OW TO鈥?part of the book?

I was ecstatic to see that Part Two actually was a guide.

150 pages of guidelines and exercises including pictures and diagrams. psychic ability, psychic abilities, psychic medium

Dana Key became a expert psychic after several decades of “tough work” beginning with card readings for friends and later on carrying out readings at charity events. She attributes her skills as 1 portion gift and six parts review. She does private readings during the South Western US through phone and radio. Despite the fact that booked months in advance, she is always eager to take on a new customer in time of great need.

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